That Fence Has a Huge BUSH!

Atrocities such as 9/11, the war in the middle east, and horrible beheadings have opened the eyes of our society. Much of today’s youth has grown more aware as a result. It’s especially proven true after what I noticed in my neighborhood the other day. I had never really seen politically charged graffiti before. In the tri-state area we are almost desensitized to graffiti. Obviously it takes on a different meaning in the inner cities than in suburbs and elsewhere. In the inner cities entire buildings are painted with intricate graffiti. Of course, graffiti and “tagging” can be considered an art form, but since we see so it so often it loses its potency. It’s likely that whenever there’s a blank slab of concrete, there’s typically some sort of artwork of various sizes and colors sprayed on it.

Sometimes the subject matter is similar to the crap you read on the walls of a bathroom stall, other times it’s about peace. Occasionally it’s the nickname of local “posse”. Usually not much thought goes into what it says, more goes into how it looks. Naturally surprise came over me when I saw a pretty decent quality caricature of Dubya on a fence nearby my house. It bluntly stated “Bush is a Liar”.
At first I thought that whoever did this must’ve been pretty ballsy. Not only was it on private property, but it seemed like an above average amount of ingenuity went into it. This person was the Bob Ross of graffiti. They were playing freakin Picture Pages on the fence! They didn’t seem like they could have done it in a hurry, so it wasn’t just a hit and run job. They couldn’t have been drunk or high, they seemed like they were on a mission. Maybe it was an overachieving, brownnosing campaign worker for John Kerry. If he or she was on the Kerry “street team” he could’ve just started ballistic posting on message boards across the Internet instead of going through all of the trouble. But I admire them for going the old fashion route. Painstaking artwork. Something has to be said for those who work with their hands. The funny part is, I agree with the message but at the same time I hate the guy for defacing the town that I hold so dear. It’s no bel-air, it’s far from it, but it’s my town that created all the bass sound. Strangely, I’d rather see graffiti with a message than some stupid pointless tag or something obscene. It’s more thought provoking and hopeful. It makes me think, maybe this isn’t a society filled with as many morons as I thought.

Hypothetically, let’s say that the culprit is a young person. How is he or she gathering his information to form opinions? First off, there is television. It’s a fact that many actors in film and TV are against Bush since many are Democrats. Fahrenheit 911’s Michael Moore claimed if anyone under 17 wants to see the movie let him know and he would sneak them in. Not such a lame ass comment after all. These are the future voters he’s sneaking in! Super idea! A commercial for the movie shows George W. Bush and Citizens United, a republican group, has stated that it might violate the The Federal Elections commission rule of prohibiting ads that picture a candidate within 30 days of a parties nominating convention. Moore believes it’s an an attempt to stop people from seeing his movie. Can we say that this spray-job violates the Federal Graffiti Commission law?
Most importantly the youth is influenced by music and their favorite artists. Now more than ever we are being told to “rock the vote”. At many concerts and events since the springtime I’ve seen tables set up to register to vote. Jon Bon Jovi has always been a staunch supporter of democratic candidates. Incubus’ recent track “Megalomaniac” is all about Bush and from what I gather singer and lyricist Brandon Boyd is commanding him to “step down”. (Do you think he wants him to step down? Maybe he should repeat the line again? lol) The Beastie Boys have been known to make their political opinions clearly known. Their latest album “To the 5 Boroughs” is riddled with anti-bush lyrics and an urge for peace. To top it off a “Rock Against Bush” compilation has been released with a second volume coming soon with even higher profile artists such as Offspring and No Doubt. All of this contributes to the widespread “consciousness” amongst young people. With all of these influences, maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised to see an enormous Bush on the fence.
Finally one last idea that I had was that “the culprit must really hate Bush.” Then after more thinking, I reasoned that they couldn’t have hated Bush that much if they’re taking the time to draw pictures of him on fences. They might have wanted to just exercise their art skills. Regardless, creating more propaganda for this douche is not good by any means. I don’t want to see his dumb ass face at all. It’s on TV and in the papers way too much as it is. To the graffiti-freaks out there, please don’t give this guy any more press. I’m of the ilk that any publicity is good publicity, but I’m a hound. So in my twisted mind this graffiti is inadvertently paying homage. If the “artist” was so anti-Bush they could have drawn a big huge John Kerry head.