Killer Transexuals and Bud Bundy smoking some pot…

I tried to catch up on some movies that I’ve been meaning to watch this weekend. First I watched Killer Bud a stupid pot movie starring Corin Nemec from Paker Lewis Can’t Lose and Bud Bundy. On a sad note it WASN’T about Bud Bundy going on a killing spree after Married With Children was cancelled. It WAS definitely a B movie, but worth watching. I enjoy stupid movies especially when they involve characters who are stoned and going on some ludicrous adventure. This was basically the precursor to Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.

Speaking of Harold and Kumar, I just read on IMDB that Kal Penn is a Jersey guy. That’s pretty cool considering that the whole movie is based in New Jersey as well. Penn, is starring in a sequel to Van Wilder entitled Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj. I can’t stand that they use the title “Van Wilder” when Van isn’t even in the movie! I wouldn’t even care if they got someone to replace Ryan Reynolds but his character isn’t even in the movie! It’s like the Wes Craven Presents epidemic. The name dropping is ridiculous.

I also watched Dressed to Kill, a film directed by Brian De Palma who’s one of my favorite directors. This movie was off the freakin‘ wall! First there is some hot shower scene, jump to a kid’s wacky science project, a mysterious walk through a NYC museum, then some venereal disease, followed up by a killer transsexual. Man it doesn’t get any better than that! That’s entertainment. My days are nowhere near that interesting. Although I would detest having to life my afterlife knowing that I was killed by a transsexual after contracting syphilis.