NJ T-Shirt Tuesday 12: SLUTS!!!

NJ Sluts Slogan Jerkass Clothing

Don’t buy into all that mumbo jumbo Tom Waits was talking about in his song “Jersey Girl.” Jerkass Clothing seems to have a pretty definitive grasp on their true nature. As the stereotype goes, Jersey girls have attitudes, fake tans, tight stone washed jeans, use gallons of aqua net on their huge hair, and they always talk about “goin’ out faw cawfee.” In defense of the Jersey girl, the New York accent has somehow spread like a disease across the river. There’s actually only some Jersey girls that sound like Fran Drescher. Jerkass has fearlessly produced a t-shirt that celebrates a characteristic that all Jersey girls may or may not have in common. Either way, I’m pleading the fifth on this one.

NJ Sluts T-Shirt Jerkass
This whimsical ladies t-shirt is also available in men’s.

You can visit Jerkass Clothing at this link.