BEWARE cautious readers! You are about to travel into an awfully eerie area saturated in ghoulish glop, toxic terrors, and frightful fumes. Don’t panic, your GPS has merely rerouted you to SLUDGE CENTRAL! Here, your host Jay spews a septic spiel of spooky scares, super heroes, and strange specs from a pit deep under the crust of New Jersey!

Sludge Central is a byproduct of the clashing of two very different settings. It’s the beautiful trashiness of a place where you’ll choke from inhaling putrid odors while in gridlock traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike, and minutes later be whisked away to a serene, golden auburn forest on a crisp fall afternoon. Horde-level hellish refineries and garbage dumps hide magnificent waterfalls and farmland as far as the eye can see. Join us underneath it all, in a zone where you’ll encounter Horror movies, Halloween, Snacks, Soda, Batman, Ghostbusters, WWE, and a complete cesspool of inconsequential pop culture nonsense from The Garden State. All roads lead to Sludge Central.

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