“I was barely a foot into the hotel before running into Jay from The Sexy Armpit, who is one of those people you meet and swear you’ve known for years. The Sexy Armpit is one of my longtime favorite blogs – an “anything and everything” deal with a heavy lean on Jersey-centric pop culture. The guy behind it always seemed fifty times more talented than he knew, and too nice to be disliked by anyone. The real Jay was just the same. On the way home, as we were listing the pros and cons of our Monster-Mania experience, the only thing I could criticize Jay for was being taller than me.” – Matt, Dinosaur Dracula

“Reading the Sexy Armpit makes me feel so much better than having my hockey mask stolen.” – Larry Zerner “Shelly” in Friday the 13th Part 3

“I’m a Florida lifer now, but your Armpit is great.” – Mike Fireball (Internet Sensation)“Totally completing this Trilogy of Terror from New Jersey is The Sexy Armpit. I’ve been loving Jay’s look at all the macabre happenings in the Garden State; everything from visiting costume shops and glow-in-the-dark miniature golf, to recapping episodes of Ah! The Real Ghostbusters. He’s also running the coolest Halloween-themed giveaway this side of the Trash Pile. He’s not only doing things right when it comes to celebrating the holiday, but he’s also super-generous and twice as sexy.” – The Trash Man, Pop Pop It’s Trash Culture Blog

If Abel Ferrara ever makes King of New Jersey, @sexyarmpit will play the Christopher Walken role

Jay does NOT write an armpit fetish blog… he’s an underground New Jersey blogger who should be as popular as Taylor Ham!

“The always fresh & dry, never-let-’em-see-ya-sweat Zen master himself, Jay Amabile, “The Sexy Armpit,” – if you haven’t checked out his blog for some time (or ever!?) shame on you.” – J.Astro of The Cheap Bin
“Toxic Avenger, The Smithereens, Bon Jovi, Springsteen, nooo, say hello to New Jersey’s finest: @sexyarmpit and @misssexyarmpit” – Hard Rock Nights

”I just need to state here in this public forum, that you Jay, are without a doubt one of thee most blogworthy people I have met. I have yet to be unentertained by your blogs. So to you my good man, I say blog on Bloggy Mcbloggerstien!” – Big Sal, CannibalFilms.com, formerly of ECW

@ArmageddonEd If it happens in New Jersey it’s reported @sexyarmpit. www.sexyarmpit.com Wafting The Fumes of NJ Pop Culture Since 2004!
“One man’s toxic sludge is another man’s potpourri” – The Grinch

“The curtain rises on a vast primitive wasteland, not unlike certain parts of New Jersey.” – Woody Allen

“New Jersey is a state with some baggage. Some of it is its own fault, of course, but when you’re the little brother suburb to a place like New York City, with its octopine broadcast dominance, you’re going to get publicly picked on until it catches on and becomes cool for everyone to do. Pop culture has its stickers all over my own New Jersey baggage, as well. For me, the state will always be the land of Kevin Smith, the Toxic Avenger, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Number one in the hood, G). In other words, kind of cool, but also kind of stupid and disgusting.” – J.W Ocker, Odd Things I’ve Seen Blog