Ms. Marvel #1 – Review by Mike Wirth a.k.a @IdiotAtPlay

I’m going to refrain from getting into my preference for DC over Marvel. Not avoiding it for any other reason that I would never argue that one is better than the other because I feel that neither side is better overall. Yes, Marvel may be putting out better, more lucrative movies and they have a more strategic long term vision for their product, oh, and they’re now owned by DISNEY. But with all those words that I just typed – all I really need to type in defense of DC is one word. BATMAN. So let’s not fight, OK? Moving on…

Mike Wirth, my friend of nearly 20 years, and co-everything on The Sexy Armpit show, has a badass blog of his own called Idiot At Play. If you haven’t visited it, I recommend clicking over there because he’s been banging out posts like a crazy person. Much like you see here at The Sexy Armpit, Mike reviews comics, movies, TV shows, and random events. Somewhere in all of that he finds the time to write actual books, like his first novel The Non-Linear Flow of the Universal Tides which you can buy basically wherever books are sold. I have the utmost respect for a guy who can write a blog, help me film YouTube videos with a sludge puppet, and write books, all while working full time. Dude makes me proud and ashamed of myself at the same time.

Back to the subject at hand. After I read about the new Ms.Marvel operating in New Jersey I had a few people e-mail and tweet me about it to see if I was aware of it. I was, but it never hurts to bring it to my attention again since stuff in my brain has a limited shelf life nowadays! Mike was the first to tweet me about it and although he thought it might be a good story for The Sexy Armpit, I always looked at him as my go-to Marvel Comics expert. Originally I wanted him to do a guest post on here, but he’s got a blog of his own so it makes much more sense for you to click over to the link below and read all about the new Ms. Marvel who hails from Jersey City:

*Is it me or does the Ms. Marvel cover remind you a little bit of the cover of Supergirl #1 from 1996?