Politan Points Out Casey Anthony’s Puppies

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Casey Anthony is being released from jail today. Regardless of being found not guilty, Anthony is still a low life for not reporting her child missing for such a long span of time and judging by how she treated her parents on the phone conversations and how she changed her stories constantly, she’s a scumbag in my book.

And because of her, our yearly 4th of July getaway consisted of being holed up in a hotel room glued to the TV. While the summer was officially in full swing my girlfriend and I deferred the typical activities such as fun in the sun and outdoor barbecues in order to be crazy glued to the old school CRT television in the hotel room. Not sure what we would’ve done if they didn’t have HLN network in the room. Previous to the case, I had no idea that Headline News streamlined to “HLN” for the past several years until Miss Sexy Armpit and her mom got me hooked on watching coverage of the Casey Anthony trial.

It was easy to get sucked into the case, especially when there’s nothing quite as riveting showing elsewhere on TV except for Regular Show on Cartoon Network. So there was a span of nearly 4 days where the most traveling I did was walk over to the bathroom and in an extreme case, down the hallway to get some ice. The rest of the time was spent sacked out on the bed watching live trial coverage and analysis from the various anchors on HLN.

The only good thing about this despicable bitch is that she actually was bestowed with a fairly bountiful chestal region. And should the media have faulted CNN’s Vinnie Politan for pointing that fact out when he was merely stating the truth? During coverage of the case on 5/31, Casey Anthony was asked to stand up in court. Politan commented “Only thing they’re gonna see now are her boobs sticking out today,” and it became a big controversy as if Politan didn’t know he was on mic. I say big f’n deal! Politan didn’t say anything wrong or offensive, he was commenting on the fact that her defense team is letting her dress like the skank that she is and her goods were on display.

Maybe the defense was hoping to get the lonely single guys in the jury on their side? Let’s be honest here, if Casey Anthony was a very masculine, overweight, and unattractive 25 year old female, this case would not be the media blitz it became. Politan was right in pointing out this aspect of the trial since as much as people were trashing her for being slutty, that was part of the cases mass appeal. America loves schlock! It was a soap opera, albeit an unscripted one.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhAxw-ZaR88?rel=0]

One of the shows I enjoyed watching the most was HLN’s Special Report hosted by former attorney and journalist Vinnie Politan. I wasn’t surprised when my girlfriend told me he’s from Jersey. I could smell my own, what can I say? Here’s the run down on Politan:
  • Graduated West Orange High School
  • Law Degree from Seton Hall
  • Former district attorney in Bergen County NJ
  • Former anchor Channel 10 News in NJ

Click HERE to read Vinnie Politan’s official bio at CNN

NJ Necklace Makes You an Official Guido!


Yes it’s true folks, you only need $185 dollars to become an official guido! Thanks to the mighty Robeast Rollie from Beauty and the Robeast for finding this gold New Jersey charm necklace when doing some online shopping recently. Here’s the mildly humorous description from the Catbirdnyc.com website:

“New Jersey! Wear it with PRIDE! So tiny, and shiny – lends an unexpected refinement to what is not generally known as the home of refined ladies.”

The people who write the item descriptions over at Catbird obviously aced their sarcasm exam. OK, we get the point, they are trying to say that Jersey girls aren’t “refined.” It’s a blanket statement, but if you’ve watched Jersey Shore, then you obviously know that apparently everyone in the entire country is convinced that Jersey girls are SLUTS! And I’m here to tell you that it’s only partly true. You see, most of our girls are slutty, but not official sluts, so there’s a distinct difference! I know what you are thinking, “but Jay, how do we know if a girl is an official slut or just slutty?” Well, the answer to that is simple, and can be determined by a line in Kevin Smith’s Clerks. You are only an official slut if you have matched or surpassed the bar of “sucking 37 dicks.” But you can only be an official guido or complete dork if you actually wear this NJ state charm necklace.

NJ T-Shirt Tuesday 12: SLUTS!!!

NJ Sluts Slogan Jerkass Clothing

Don’t buy into all that mumbo jumbo Tom Waits was talking about in his song “Jersey Girl.” Jerkass Clothing seems to have a pretty definitive grasp on their true nature. As the stereotype goes, Jersey girls have attitudes, fake tans, tight stone washed jeans, use gallons of aqua net on their huge hair, and they always talk about “goin’ out faw cawfee.” In defense of the Jersey girl, the New York accent has somehow spread like a disease across the river. There’s actually only some Jersey girls that sound like Fran Drescher. Jerkass has fearlessly produced a t-shirt that celebrates a characteristic that all Jersey girls may or may not have in common. Either way, I’m pleading the fifth on this one.

NJ Sluts T-Shirt Jerkass
This whimsical ladies t-shirt is also available in men’s.

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