Every town should have a comic store, even…ELM STREET!

I’m a little late on the mark when it comes to getting my comics. There’s a lack of any cool comic stores in our local area. There’s only a few and they pretty much suck. I feel uncomfortable going into these stores because you don’t know what to expect from the clerk. Either it seems like they are really depending on you to buy something or they couldn’t give a fuck if you’re even in their shop or not. I like to ask questions if I’m not sure if I’m buying the right book or if I need a certain issue. I’m not the guy who goes into the store and buys 40 comics either. I’ll buy a few here and there and I don’t read/collect one specific line. Although I was excited recently when I found out about Wildstorm’s line of Nightmare on Elm Street comics. There have been many different companies handling Elm Street comics in the past but I was confident Wildstorm would do it justice. I was a month or so late but I finally got around to Secret Stash this past weekend and picked up issues #1 and #2.

While reading the comic it was easy to picture its events actually happening in a film installment. There was nothing that was too far from the typical Elm Street saga and unfortunately it doesn’t attempt to further the mythology of the series in any way. I’m sure in the upcoming issues the writers will stretch out creatively. Chuck Dixon reintroduces Freddy into the comic world with a solid plot. The characters are similar to ones you’ve seen in the films and segues to dream sequences are well done. The art by Kevin West is vibrant and colorful and it’s especially enhanced by the high quality paper. West has done quite a memorable job translating the Nightmare series from the screen to the page. It’s far fetched but I’d love to see it become a mature animated series on HBO in the vein of Spawn, but much scarier. It’s good to know a company finally got it right with such an iconic series.