Spooky Viewing Pleasure on You Tube

While searching for some scary stuff on You Tube, I came across a few videos that are worth watching.

I’m going to wager that many of you already know about this but if not, I highly recommend checking out the re-cut Mary Poppins trailer entitled “Scary Mary.” Whoever thinks to re-edit these trailers are pretty damn creative. This one is especially original. I would’ve never though to make such a sweet innocent movie like Mary Poppins into a horror movie.

Even if you despise the band Papa Roach you should still check out this montage of Psycho clips put to their song “Getting Away with Murder.” It’s surprising to see how perfectly the song and lyrics meshed with the plot of the film.

Another re-cut film trailer which is already a classic is of the Shining. I’ve been watching this one frequently for a long time because it really makes me laugh. I commend the person who created this one because it’s completley over the top. Watch one of the creepiest movies ever miraculously turn into a touching drama, it’s SNL caliber!