Janine, She’s My Queen! (rated R)

Come here Janine Melnitz
i want to feel your tits
people should know you’re not a complete ditz
Ohh Janine, you’re my queen
I wanna lick you clean
F–k Louis Tully he’s a geek
he gets scared when he hears a door creak
what’s with your thing for Egon?
you put the moves on him like Danielson

you can babysit me anytime
like our ghost friend I‘ll leave you covered in Slime
Ohh Janine, you’re my queen
we’ll eat some french bread pizza and pass out
that’s what i’m talkin‘ ’bout!
hey girl, there’s no need to flirt
Come on and lift up that mini-skirt
on Myspace i’ll post your pic
you know, the one where your mouth is filled with my ….

i’ll give you extra time so you can put on your freak
The print is dead and it’s all Greek
i’ll bring you to your peak
Ohh Janine, you’re my queen
forget reading, you’re my favorite hobby
I’ll do you in a hotel or right in the firehouse lobby
you’re so unusual like Cyndi
your hair looks like you were blasted with glue when it was windy
Instead of talking dirty I want you to yell “WE GOT ONE!”
And then I’ll shoot you with my proton gun

You were once played by Annie Potts
And you made me feel it right in my stugots
It’s a tough job filling that role
And sliding up and down my pole
You know the one made of brass
When you’re at the top I stare at your ass
I’ll make my way to your clit
and I don’t have a warrant or a writ
I hope to give u a thirty-five foot long, six hundred pound orgasm
And maybe even a focused, non-terminal repeating phantasm

Trust me, I can stay puft for hours
Even longer than The Two Towers
Hey Janine, you got spunk…
…no…no, I mean literally you have spunk…on the side of your cheek
Sorry, my protection grid just sprung a leak
I know there is no Janine only Zuul
but my life is yours to rule
I’m very handy and I even play racquetball
So Janine, my queen, when you want a date…Who Ya Gonna Call?