Real Ghostbustin’ in Bayonne


We Ghosbusters fans have lots to look forward to! Soon, The Ghostbusters will be released on Blu-Ray, the video game will hit stores, and the 3rd installment of The Ghostbusters will begin production! Back in November, I received my shipment of The Real Ghostbusters complete series on DVD and I was psyched. I was waiting for years to get a hold of the entire series since only a few episodes were released on DVD. I had to rely on old VHS recordings of random episodes I had. It was so much fun to get to watch these episodes again. There’s so many memorable episodes, especially those starring the Boogeyman who scared the shit out of me as a kid. There’s one episode that I had to watch as soon as I got the collection in my clutches, and that was “Citizen Ghost.” It’s possibly the most discussed entry of entire series. As a kid, I always looked forward to catching this episode on reruns because it was a true link to the actual Ghostbusters film.

In the episode, while the rest of the crew is doing an experiment, Peter Venkman is pursued for an interview by UBN news’ Cynthia Crawford. For a segment on the history of the Ghostbusters, Crawford talked with Venkman about how the team originated. Venkman tells the story as we follow along via flashback. If you were ever curious as to what actually happens after the Ghostbusters saved New York City at the end of the first film, then you should watch Citizen Ghost! Not only does Peter reveal how it all unfolded, but he also threw in a New Jersey reference in the beginning of the episode!
After a near explosion rocked their firehouse HQ during an experiment:
“Nice one Egon, I think you took out most of Bayonne with that one, would you like to try for the Bronx this time?”
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