SMASH! The Online Comic

Chris Bolton, co-creator of the SMASH online comic, regularly posts pics of fans wearing the SMASH t-shirt from around the country. In their latest post, NJ was represented!

“Our own Aunt Katie reported seeing a Smash T-Shirt on a kid in a McDonald’s in Sayreville, New Jersey! How random is that? I couldn’t find Sayreville on a map of New Jersey with “Sayreville” marked by a giant, red-neon sign (not too good with the maps and the map-finding and the finding of things on maps).”

Haven’t the guys from Smash ever heard of Jon Bon Jovi? Please forgive them and head over and check out Chris & Kyle’s SMASH, the adventures of a 10-year old costumed super hero! More importantly, Magus, his arch nemesis is on par with Darkseid’s kickassery.