NJ T-Shirt Tuesday


There’s an infinite number of New Jersey t-shirts for sale on the Internet. Whether you’re into parodies, sarcasm, or you desperately yearn to elicit an “OH SNAP!” from your friends, you’ll never have to look too far for the perfect shirt. Today, let’s take a look at just a few of the endless supply of New Jersey t- shirts available. I’ll make this a frequent segment since it would be a crime to leave out some of the other brilliant shirts I’ve discovered while scouring the Internet. In this column you won’t see a typical shirt featuring the outline of the state that simply says New Jersey, I’ll be concentrating on t-shirts with original ideas or funny concepts on them.

Our first set is from Solid Threads, a New Jersey company whose business skyrockted in the past 7 years. They’re proud of their state and ballsy enough to dedicate an entire section of their website to that fact! Solid Threads even started the NJFU¬†club (It’s not what you think! It stands for the New Jersey Fraternal Union), a highly exclusive club in which only elite Jersey peeps can gain membership.