Asbury Park: Butch Walker’s “Here Comes The…” Video

It feels pretty awesome that Butch Walker chose the legendary Asbury Park, NJ as the locale to film his most recent video for “Here Comes The…” “It’s pretty fun and we shot it in Asbury Park, NJ, which is the coolest little city I’ve seen in quite some time…” said Butch in one of his latest blog posts.

“You sunk my battleship!” That’s what the mannequin said after her human boyfriend beat her at the game, or at least that’s what he imagined she’d said. No, this is not Lars and the Real Girl, this is Butch’s music video about a guy who copes with his girlfriend leaving him by hooking up with a mannequin wearing his ex-girlfriend’s dress. They do all the silly relationship stuff like take pictures in the park, sip Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee, and fall asleep on the couch.

Pink assists with vocals on the track from Walker’s latest album Sycamore Meadows, which has proved to be one of the most successful singles of his solo career thus far. Butch has reached heights on his own that bands can’t even do with a full staff of PR people and record execs behind them. It wouldn’t matter if Pink sang backup vocals on this track or not because the song is so well written and enjoyable to listen to. In any normal musical climate this song is a mega hit just like the majority of Walker’s other music.

The New Jersey backdrop is a bonus but the video is truly imaginative, and tells a story. All of Butch’s videos have been entertaining and a throwback for me. They remind me of videos that I would’ve seen on MTV countdowns when I was a kid, and NONE of his videos had heavy cable TV airplay. “Here Comes The…” fits nicely in line with the videos for “Bethamphetamine” starring Avril Lavigne and “The Weight of Her” starring Taryn Manning. Check them out and stop by Butch’s website to see all the stuff he has going on: