NJ T-Shirt Tuesday 19: Paranormal Books in Asbury Park



“Back from the Dead” a vampiric Tillie T-Shirt found just in time for Halloween at
Paranormal Books in reanimated Asbury Park, NJ

Remember Ray Stantz’s book store Ray’s Occult in Ghostbusters 2? Ever since that movie came out I wished a store like that actually existed in my area, and now THERE IS ONE! Last year Kathy Kelly opened Paranormal Books & Curiosities on Cookman Ave. in Asbury Park. The store sign even gives off a creepy vibe as you walk passed it on the sidewalk.

Books detailing ghostly encounters, urban legends, ESP, and paranormal investigations fill the shelves of this awesome shop. Paranormal Books also carries an extensive array of books on ghosts in the Garden State as well as tomes on The Jersey Devil. Coming Soon at the shop is an exhibit on The Jersey Devil which I was able to get some dirt from proprietor Kathy Kelly herself. From hearing her teasers, this is sure to be a truly chilling, must-see exhibit!


Zombie Tillie, Asburied Park, NJ

Paranormal Books is on its way to becoming New Jersey’s spectral hotbed. Books aren’t the only thing Kathy offers up, in addition to T-SHIRTS, action figures, and other oddities, they also host events including paranormal lectures, classes, psychic readings, book signings, ghost walks and exhibits.

If you’re an Armpit reader who has never been to Asbury Park, then start planning a day trip! Now is the best time to visit Asbury Park thanks to the city’s resurgence. Asbury Park is a perfect example of how eclectic New Jersey is. We need more places like this in NJ that evoke personality and benefit from having owner who is as inspired and passionate about what they love as Kathy Kelly. (*cough*…*cough*…comic book store?)

Click here to visit the Paranomal Books & Curiosities website and online store