Randy “The Ram” Robinson, Caricature by Kirsten Ulve

“Fresh as monkey’s breath, brother!” – Randy “The Ram” Robinson

If you have watched HBO in the past few weeks, you probably witnessed about 962 airings of The Wrestler. I’m not complaining at all since the 2008 drama is one of my favorite films ever. Not only is it a Jersey film, but it’s also one of Mickey Rourke’s grandest achievements as an actor.

Posted above is artist Kirsten Ulve’s caricature of Randy “The Ram” Robinson in his ring attire which was printed in the November 8th ’08 issue of Entertainment Weekly. If you would like to check out some awe inspiring art, make a stop at Kirsten Ulve’s website. There you’ll find galleries of her illustrations and caricatures, all of which define the term eye candy. www.kirstenulve.com