NJ T-Shirt Tuesday 54: More Rutgers Tees From Marc Ecko

Rutgers T-Shirts from Marc Ecko

After a recent browse at Ecko’s online shop, they are all sold out of these cool limited edition Rutgers T-Shirts. No other college or university in New Jersey can boast that they have badass shirts like these inspired by them besides RU.

If you aren’t familiar with “The Grease Trucks,” then you obviously have not been out drinking in New Brunswick. Usually you would wind up at these food trucks which are now a landmark. Serving nothing but crazy sandwiches like the variations of the Fat Sandwich made with chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, cheese, fries and anything else that you can think of that is artery clogging and fried up fast. The Grease Trucks have been mentioned in magazines like Maxim, as well as the cable reality series Man v. Food. Read more about The Grease Trucks here at the Wikipedia page.

The skull design on the middle shirt is striking. The RU school colors red, black, and white, are perfectly incorporated. Any Rutgers student, alumni, or fan of their sports teams would be proud to wear this.

The last tee is the oddball. Jersey Foul Mouth Medicine most likely refers to all the swearing we do in the state. It’s too small to read in the above picture, but at the bottom of the tee it says: “Cures what ails ya…stupid.” I don’t really get what they are going for, but I’m thinking it’s either A) We’ll curse and yell at you like obnoxious jerkoffs until you get the point or B) We’ll curse and yell obnoxiously until we feel better ourselves. Some folks in Cali might go smoke a J and hop on their surfboards, we just go running our mouths. The last tee is my least favorite of the bunch while the middle one is definitely wearable even if you have no affiliation with the school.