NJ T-Shirt Tuesday 55: We’re Greater Than You!

New Jersey is Greater Than You T-Shirt
Solving mathematical equations is not a quality I look for in a t-shirt, but I’ll make an exception for this one. This tee is truly one for all the Jersey mathlete’s out there, as it blatantly points out that New Jersey is “greater than” YOU! Greater than, less than, or equal to was one of the shining moments in my academic career. Once fractions, square roots, and algebra came into play I was in dire straits so I’m glad the creator of the shirt chose a concept even I could grasp.
My girlfriend snapped a shot of this tee but I couldn’t seem to find it anywhere on the Internet. There is a slew of t-shirts that feature the “_____ is better than you” slogan, but use the greater than symbol which makes no sense.