Jersey Gurls Song Parody by Eric Portman

“Jersey Gurls” by Eric Portman
Eric Portman is a musician, artist, and of course a Jersey guy. He and The Sexy Armpit go way back. While in one of his early bands, Portman was a guest on one of my first radio shows and he also helped design graphics for an old website of mine. He’s a multi talented mofo and he’s funny too! Here is his hysterical parody of Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” done Jersey style. Head over to the link and give him a thumbs up!¬†Nice job Eric! BTW, I took the liberty of changing the spelling of “Girls” to “Gurls,” since that’s the way Katy Perry’s song spells it.


I know dis place, where the water’s sorta greener
slow, deep and hard, condoms floating in da water
pounding Jager bombs, smashing underneath the boardwalk
whores break dey necks, while dey checkin out my biceps

*you could travel the world, but nothing comes close to the jersey coast, you can party like us, we’ll smashing in the back of your moms beemer. ohhhhhhhhhh

**Jersey girls are so forgettable, mini skirts poof hair on top, herpes so bad they gunna melt your Popsicles. ohhhhhhhh

raw dawgin on da beach, f*ckin sand in my speedos
I’m pissing in my sleep , Bon Jovi on da stereo¬†
spray tanned, toned, but heavy…