NJ T-Shirt Tuesday 65: More Jersey Devil

Since we are fully into The Halloween Countdown, let me share not ONE but THREE Jersey Devil T-Shirts that I came across for NJ T-Shirt Tuesday. When you’re finished looking and putting your jaw back into place from all the coolness, click on the links toward the bottom of the post and they’ll bring you to even more Jersey Devil T-Shirts that appeared previously here at The Sexy Armpit!

Jersey Devil by November Fire

November Fire is an online store that offers merch that falls into the category of “horror, halloween, antiestablishment, underground, punk, metal, gothic, and drug culture,” and as SNLer Vanessa Bayer’s Miley Cyrus says it’s “Pritty Cool.” The site offers a ton of original art designs that can be printed on a variety of different t-shirts, sweatshirts, and tanks tops. Their Jersey Devil looks sort of like a ram and it’s only in black and white, but who cares, it’s still J.D!

Jersey Devil T-Shirt by Nick Horvath

Artist and Designer Nick Horvath’s website features photos of all his work and if you scroll down the front page of his blog you’ll see the awesome Jersey Devil shirt he designed which is pictured above. On the front is The Garden State colored in Jersey Devil red, outfitted with horns and a spiked tail. Unfortunately there is no info on where to buy it!

Jersey Devil Honey Ale

Finally, in the logos archive of Think Tank Creative they have presented two original labels they designed for a local NJ microbrew. The first depicts a sexy punk rock chick as The Jersey Devil while the other was a completely different take on the legend. The artist wanted to stay away from the typical look of The Jersey Devil and actually used Lou Reed as their inspiration!

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