The Jersey Jack O’Lantern!

Making of The Jersey Pumpkin 4
The Jersey Jack O’Lantern

Over the weekend I noticed an awesome tweet from our friend Laryssa of the Comma ‘n Sentence blog. She and her brother combined forces to carve the world’s coolest New Jersey Jack O’Lantern! Laryssa was nice enough to let me post some of the pictures she took during the creation of this badass pumpkin. Laryssa also offered us some insight as to what inspired her to cut The Garden State into her pumpkin:

“My brother and I are kind of obsessed with New Jersey. He attends school in Maryland, but he was home this past weekend for Fall Break. Making a New Jersey pumpkin was our way of celebrating how excited he was to be home. We thought about carving cartoon characters, even the typical Jack O’Lantern face. But this is more personal.” 

A big thanks to Laryssa Wirstiuk and her brother! Remember to stop by her blog as well!

Making of The Jersey Pumpkin 1
Making of The Jersey Pumpkin 2

Making of The Jersey Pumpkin 3