American Angel’s “Best Part of Christmas”

This one goes out to Miss Sexy Armpit!
Jersey hard rock fans know all about American Angel. If you aren’t familiar with them, look ’em up! They are one of the most underrated rock bands of the late ’80s and early ’90s. Unfortunately the evil cloud known as grunge came along and wiped out many of the glam metal and party rock bands signed to labels at that time. Since then it’s apparent that these bands actually outlasted the great depression of music. And, not to worry, lead singer Rocco Fury and a new band lineup recorded 2007’s Vanity and began playing occasional shows as American Angel. Chances are you will be seeing more of American Angel, since I read on Rocco’s Facebook page they have a tour in the works for 2011, but he’s a funny guy and I can never tell when he’s being serious or not! Check out some of the music at iTunes and HERE.