Full Moon Horror Roadshow Recap from The Man Cave

Geof, The Master of The Man Cave, recaps our experience at the Full Moon Horror Roadshow and Film Festival over the weekend at the Forum Theater in Metuchen, New Jersey. I was anxious to go to the Roadshow after seeing the promotional video and reading about all the tables, contests, and autograph signings they have presented at other stops on the tour. On top of all that, the premiere of Evil Bong 3 would be in 3-D, and Sniff-O-Rama. How could I not fall for all these gimmicks, especially right in Jersey no less?!!

First, we realized the ring leader Charles Band did not show, then we saw that the attendees didn’t show up either! It’s unfortunate because the way the Roadshow is promoted makes it seem ridiculously awesome, but it ultimately fell extremely short of my expectations. The handlers seemed pretty unprepared and the whole night seemed disorganized. What made the night worse is that Evil Bong 3-D was nowhere near as good as its predecessors. For more, go check out Geof’s excellent coverage over at The Man Cave.