Fall in New Jersey by Nick “N.J” Holden

Our featured writer Nick “N.J” Holden ushers us into the fall:
Put the cover over the pool and say goodbye to the hot sunny days
When time slowed to a snail’s pace and five minutes alone
Floating on an inflatable raft took all your troubles away.
Here come all the lovely colors from the trees crashing down
Painting the grass orange, yellow, and crimson here and there
While the cold fall winds begin to come around.
Get off the beach and dusk off the backpack
And time to splurge on new clothes, books and stuff
All the while wishing the summer would hurry back.
Forget the long leisurely breakfasts and time to spare
In the morning; get ready to fight traffic on the roads and those
Stupid drivers who seem to have no worry or care.
Pack up the bathing suits, towels, and the barbecue grill
And bring on the Halloween costumes and other festivities
As we wait the other holidays that test our pockets and good will.
Hopefully the fall will be free of rain and other headaches
Because once it leaves us and winter charges in
There’s all this wicked snow for Goodness sake.
But don’t worry; all in good time
We’ll be sweating again down in Seaside
And not worrying about all these rhymes!