NJ T-Shirt Tuesday 87: NJ Zombie Walk 2011

NJ Zombie Walk T-Shirt 2011
NJ Zombie Walk 2011 Survival Gear

Who says zombie’s aren’t stylish? If you plan on being part of the undead next weekend on the Asbury Park boardwalk for the NJ Zombie Walk, you can rock the official t-shirt to hide that pale decomposing body of yours. The front of the shirt shows the Paramount Theater all boarded up and about to get bombarded by zombies! With brilliant artwork by Jason English this shirt will stop all the zombies in their tracks and leave their jaws agape at its coolness. Proceeds go to help fund future NJ Zombie events. Check out www.NJZombieWalk.com and click on “Survival Gear” to pick up your own before they sell out! See you there!

  [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pr5oJJeniig?rel=0]