NJ T-Shirt Tuesday 102: Jersey Girl Witch

Jersey Girl Witch
A Shop-Rite special: Jersey Girl Witch T-Shirt

Are there any references to spells, brooms, or cauldrons in the lyrics of Tom Waits’ 1980 track, “Jersey Girl?” I’m going to say no to that one, but I don’t think it would be wise to go around calling a Jersey girl a witch. She’d probably beat the hell out of you with her broom. If you can survive that one then you can enjoy today’s t-shirt that celebrates Halloween while loosely insinuating that girls from Jersey are indeed witches (not bitches, I swear).

No, most of the girls around here don’t resemble the Wicked Witch of the West, but a lot of them sure have attitudes. This shirt is partly correct in that sense…it’s just completely wrong in a fashion sense. Put it this way, I first saw this t-shirt last Halloween season in Shop-Rite of all places. Surprisingly they always come through with Jersey tees. I’m wondering if they have “Indiana Girl” witch t-shirts? If not, they’re really missing out! Can’t have it all I guess.