Nerd Lunch PodcastWhen I’m running, when I’m driving, when I’m fishing. These are all activities I can do while I get my podcast listening in. OK, well maybe not that last one. I only went fishing once when I was 12 and I sat outside ALL DAY in a yellow rain jacket (cause it was raining) I felt like Gorton’s fucking Fisherman. I was bored out of my skull and all I caught was one tiny little fish. You see, the difference between fishing and podcasts is that all you need is a few minutes and you can have about 50 podcasts on your iPod or iPhone, all for free, and you don’t have to dress up like a frozen fish sticks mascot in the process. Hell, you don’t even have to go outside.
It amazes me how many people I talk to who are wholly unaware of what a podcast is, let alone how to go about procuring one. This year, iTunes hit one billion podcast subscribers. Judging buy this number, the country has obviously become more familiar with podcasting. I’m not privy to how that billion subscribers thing is calculated, but just by looking at the “subscribers” part, it sounds like this doesn’t take into consideration people who stream podcasts or just download single episodes. What does all this jargon mean to you? It means that if you still haven’t gotten on board with the medium of podcasting, you’re really missing out.

In this post I’m not just urging you to start downloading and listening to podcasts in general if you don’t already, I’m urging you to listen to one episode specifically.

Last week I sat in the “4th chair” as a guest host on the Nerd Lunch Podcast. I’ve been on the Nerd Lunch Podcast many times before and I enjoy it so much that I look forward to going back on whenever they ask me. Am I saying this post is a way to eke out a few more listeners? Absolutely.

So go to iTunes or directly to and listen to Episode 99 where we formulate the casts of two Expendables types of films. First we come up with the ensemble cast for an all star Nerd/Geek/Hacker type of team and then we pick our dream team of cartoon voices. If you listen, feel free to yell directly at your iPod and shout out your choices while shitting on ours. It will be fun and interactive.

As an added bonus you can hear me pretend to be like a geek version of Eminem as I deliver, in the words of host C.T, “the greatest Nerd Lunch rap you’ll ever hear.” Their next show will be their 100th episode celebration so I wanted to prepare a special gift for them in a Cousin Eddie fashion and they really got a kick out of it.

What is this podcast challenge all about? Well, next week I’m going to make an attempt to listen to 5 podcasts that I’ve never listened to before or subscribed to and I’ll come back to you with the results after I’m done. Feel free to join in and do the same if you are so inclined! If you’d like to join in, try out 5 podcasts that you’ve never listened to before and tell us about them in an upcoming post.