Nom Nom Nom On Our Ninth Birthday!

What better way to spend The Sexy Armpit’s 9th birthday than with my peeps? Or better yet…my new Peep.
Can you remember the last time a limited time product disappointed you? It’s a familiar case. I’m trying to think about it myself and there’s been a ton of times I’ve gotten my hopes up about a crazy flavored limited time only soda or Elvis Reese’s and was ultimately deflated after finally tasting it, but one specific time comes to mind, and it’s not even a really good example, it’s just the most recent one. 
I picked this off the Mint Chocolate Marshmallow Tree Tree, 
which is located directly behind the lunch pail tree
It’s even more of a drag when you search every shelf in every grocery store within a 50 mile radius, and even encounter difficulty ordering it online. The last time this happened to me was a true blunder in my life. What’s depressing is the amount of time I spend doing these stupid things. I must’ve checked eight or ten stores trying to find these dumbass Bubble Gum Peeps when they came out. It felt like at least 94% of the people I follow on Instagram were acting like they were available at every corner store. Regardless, I was still bent on tasting them. Finally I pulled a Dinosaur Dracula and paid about triple what one normally would pay for a package of Peeps, and the result was the same as it usually is. Bubble Gum Peeps were awful and they didn’t have a good bubble gum flavor. That’s sort of an unfair review because I am not a fan of Peeps in general, but I may be changing my ways considering how I felt about the newest Peep I picked up over the weekend.

For some weird reason, through the years at this blog I’ve often found myself reviewing marshmallow filled chocolate things. Sometimes they were Easter Bunnies, other times they were Santas or reindeer. I guess I really dig anthropomorphic or zoomorphic chocolate covered marshmallows and mushiness.

This shade of marshmallow should become standard for Christmas style marshmallows
Oh, you actually wanted to hear my thoughts on the Mint Chocolate Peep? Well, the chocolate coating was standard fare and once I tore it open, I saw an extremely holiday looking green colored marshmallow filling. I usually prefer a milder green to signify mint, such as the mellow green you may know from such hits as Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream., but this green was awesome and over the top. My holiday spirit isn’t kicked into full gear yet, but this green gooey delicacy offered a complete lack of subtly, which is usually the precise definition of my holiday season.
Unlike other regular Peeps and even Moon Pies, the marshmallow inside this one was actually moist and sort of creamy rather than having the consistency of Styrofoam. Overall, the taste was sweet but not sickeningly sweet and the mint wasn’t overpowering. I really didn’t have any complaints here except for the fact that I only bought one.
So how was that for killing two birds with one stone? A Sexy Armpit birthday party AND a review of a holiday themed candy. I hope you appreciate my efficiency!