Purple Stuff Podcast: Wrestlers Go Hollywood!


This is a time when wrestling fanatics get their due. All year long we’re pretty much outcast from society. The way people turn their nose up and roll their eyes when they see your t-shirt. THE MAN, is all it says, but when they discover it to be a shirt inspired by a WWE Superstar, the conversation winds down and they begin to slink away as if they found out you have a disease and are highly infectious. More than a few of these elitist people share in the fact that they pretty much enjoyed professional wrestling at one time in their lives. Sometimes you’ll hear that they watched it as a kid when Hulk Hogan was a global phenomenon, others will tell you they watched during the attitude era and tend to only remember The Rock and Stone Cold.

However it happened, they were invested at one point, but now, it’s a joke to them, a total farce. For the billions of fans around the world, it’s the total opposite. The reverence and enthusiasm for pro-wrestling is as strong as ever and it comes to a crescendo this week because we’re about to celebrate the biggest sports entertainment event of the year. To all the naysayers, those who think only weird little kids watch wrestling and grown ass adults should grow the fuck up, they can sit down and keep quiet. As Mikey said in The Goonies, this is our time. It’s our time during WrestleMania week!

In celebration of WrestleMania, me and Matt recorded our annual wrestling show. As lifelong fans of the business, we take a lot of pride of joy in doing these episodes. Even though many of our listeners and friends don’t even dig wrestling, I’ve personally heard from tons who have expressed that even though they aren’t wrestling fans, they love when we do these because the excitement and fun we have for WWE is infectious.

We’re hoping you take a listen to this new episode during the Mania week festivities. It’s all about wrestlers who have appeared in other media, those who have “gone Hollywood” as it were! We’re covering Demolition, Sgt. Slaughter, Jesse “the Body” Ventura and a host of others! Thanks for checking it out and if you would like to support our show please visit Patreon.com/PurpleStuff where you can get access to our special bonus episodes! Now, let’s take you down to ringside!