American Gladiators re-runs!

Maybe I’m about a month behind, but this morning I discovered that American Gladiators is re-running on ESPN Classic. If there was ever a momentous occasion this is one of them. I used to watch that show religiously until the point that I realized maybe I should get my lazy ass up and stop watching these ultra athletic people and actually whip myself into shape. That didn’t last long until I found out about the American Gladiators video game for Sega. That game was as much fun as watching the show! During the hot summer vacation one year I must’ve played that game every day. I always felt that it would be awesome to take part in that show because the events are so cool. They are obviously more challenging than they seem on TV but those guys made it look easy. Why not re-build Gladiator arena at Universal Studios where it was fillmed? People can go in and watch like it was a real show sort of how they do Who Wants to be a Millionaire in MGM. I’m down for it…and I’m sure Nitro and Laser aren’t busy!