F–K You Nielsen ratings!

I just finished watching the 2nd episode of Hidden Palms on the CW. You can say what you want about that, I really don’t care! I’m enjoying the show and many of it’s details. For one thing Kevin Williamson is responsible for it and he’s the guy that wrote Scream and Dawson’s Creek among others. The teaser trailers that were released on TV and online really caught my attention because of the frightening shots and the talk of “people come here to die.” I thought it was a horror show but I figured it couldn’t be since they already have Supernatural which isn’t a bad show either! The setting appeals to me since Palm Springs is one of the best places in California for its architecture which I appreciate. There’s definitely something original about Hidden Palms though. The show definitely has a dark side and the plot takes twists and turns as it almost veers on being a thriller at times. I wish it would go more in that direction because I think that’s where it will find it’s niche audience. I’d rather not see a mystery but it never hurts to throw in some tense buildups to a climax that might even be scary. As for the cast, I already knew Cliff (Michael Cassidy) from the O.C as well as Taylor Handley who plays the lead character Johnny. Cassidy’s Cliff character is very reminiscent of James Spader’s roles in the ’80s. Amber Heard plays the love interest, Greta, and she’s just freakin hot. Johnny’s mother is played by Gail O’Grady who isn’t so bad either if you’re into milfs.

It’ll bother the shit out of me if this show gets cancelled. After all, it IS a summer replacement shows and I’ve read that only 8 episodes were originally ordered. The first episode had pretty poor Nielsen ratings. Why do we as viewers allow this to be the only way that ratings for shows are calculated? It’s bullshit! Now, who the hell actually has a Nielsen box anyway?No one I know or ever have known in my entire life has had a Nielsen box. There’s only one box that dictates anything to me and it isn’t named Nielsen. We’re letting good shows get cancelled, we need to get Nielsen the f— out! Their process is not a good one. They have no idea who is really watching which shows. While I’m on the subject, Arbitron has no idea who is listening to which radio station at certain hours of the day. It’s crap! The viewers with a Nielsen box know that their habits count and they can watch a certain show religiously to keep it on the air. What about the voices of the millions AND MILLIONS of TV fans that DON’T have a Nielsen box? Their favorite shows get cancelled. Let’s take the upper hand and collectively give Nielsen a big F-U!