Last week it was reported that Universal Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure, a live show that’s been part of Halloween Horror Nights for many years, has been cancelled. The show came under fire for its apparent homophobic and possibly racial remarks. I haven’t seen the show myself, but from what it seems like after reading reports on various news outlets including this one from the Huffington Post, is that it’s nothing we haven’t seen getting joked about on TV. The show is supposedly geared toward an adult audience and features double-entendres.

To fill your Bill and Ted void this Halloween, please enjoy a comic I created using my action figures and a lot of gas to take me around the entire state of New Jersey. With advice from Mark and Mark over at Weird NJ, Rufus takes Bill and Ted on a WEIRD NJ Adventure for Halloween!

Funny: Ms. Kelly Clearasil Commercial

Have you seen this Clearasil ad? I think it’s hysterical. “I’m really good company” the kid says, trying to put the moves on his friend’s mother, Ms. Kelly. He proceeds to take a bit of whatever the mother is mixing on his finger and licks it seductively. Clearasil’s tag in this ad is “Clearasil may cause confidence.” It’s pretty damn clever although I don’t think it would give a guy the cajones to hit on his friend’s mom. Unless of course the friend was Bill S. Preston Esq.