New Jersey’s Great Pop Culture Moments Vol.18: Bubble Wrap Born in Hawthorne!

The creation of the first Bubble Wrap prototype took place in a Hawthorne, NJ garage in 1957. We can thank engineers Alfred W. Fielding (a native of Hackensack NJ) and Mark A. Chavannes for bestowing upon us the popping ritual we take part in every time we rip open a big box that was left at our front door. With their headquarters now in Elmwood Park, NJ, Sealed Air Corp. has been making manufacturing Bubble Wrap for almost 50 years. and New Jersey Monthly both printed Vicki Hyman’s informative article on Bubble Wrap called “How New Jersey Saved Civilization…Bubble Wrap.” It even includes the date of Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (1/26): Click here to read it!
Now, without even having receive a box through UPS, you can waste precious seconds of your life popping bubble wrap right here on your computer by using these websites: