Charles Addams Lived on Elm Street…

charles addams,new jersey,westfield
photo of Charles Addams childhood house on the right 
by Darryl Walker of

I always knew that Charles Addams, cartoonist and creator of The Addams Family, grew up in Westfield, New Jersey, but I didn’t realize his house was on Elm Street! That makes the whole thing seem a lot creepier now! Addams’ family moved around Westfield a few times before permanently settling into the house pictured above. Even though it doesn’t look as ghastly as the mansion in the cartoons and the movies, it’s said to be where Charles Addams drew his inspiration for it.
Charles Addams Westfield
Back in 2009, Canadian comic book illustrator Scott Kowalchuk sculpted Charles Addams. As awesome as it came out, it has a very creepy quality to it, almost scary!