NJ T-Shirt Tuesday 76: Charlie’s Corner

The online t-shirt shop Shirts With Balls has gone exclusively eBay in order for the owner to pursue their political thrash metal band…sounds like the next pilot to tank on ABC. The store once carried vintage style t-shirts from random bars in New Jersey. And, because I am a total weirdo, I saved a t-shirt pic from their site back when it was on sale. This one is from Charlie’s Corner, a bar in Secaucus that has been raked over the coals on the Internet. I’ve never drank at Charlie’s Corner and I don’t think I will anytime soon, but it was still amusing reading up on the place.
Here is what some sites and reviews have said about Charlie’s Corner: 
*Beware these aren’t from Peter Travers:
“The beer selection is white trash approved, the staff are a bunch of skanks…” 
– tluv80 at city search
“If you saw the kitchen area you’d just as soon eat out of the toilet and cut to the chase.” 
– tluv80 at city search
“The waitresses are practically hookers” – clubplanet.com
“…Good parking…” – liltbones at city search