Charlotte Sometimes Appearing On The Voice


I refuse to get sucked into another TV singing competition like American Idol. And thanks to Miss Sexy Armpit I don’t have to because I rely on her to tell me all about Idol, The Voice, and X-Factor. Out of all of them I like X-Factor the best, but mainly because that’s where Simon Cowell is. Without his cutting remarks, why watch any of these shows? Well, occasionally there’s contestants from Jersey who are often pretty damn good. A singer/songwriter who already had a low key, yet decent little career going for herself is Charlotte Sometimes. She grew up in Wall Township, New Jersey and is now appearing on NBC’s The Voice and is being mentored by Blake Shelton. Above is the video for her song “How I Could Just Kill A Man.” Unfortunately it’s not a Cypress Hill cover, but pretty damn catchy in it’s own right.

Visit Charlotte Sometimes’ official blog page at The Voice site: