I Was A Teenage Werebear & Detroit Rock City presented by Dread Central


Horror comedies aren’t for everyone. Many of my hardcore horror friends feel that there’s no reason to waste time on horror comedies when there’s a severe drought for some good old genuinely scary horror films. I think we have room for all kinds of horror related films, tongue in cheek or not. I adore films like Stan Helsing, Once Bitten, Transylvania 6-5000, and others. Chillerama, the upcoming horror comedy anthology, promises to be a modern crown jewels of this genre. You can have a sneak peak of it on Saturday in Metuchen, NJ.

Filmmakers such as Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Adam Rifkin, and Tim Sullivan will all direct shorts that will comprise Chillerama. One of those shorts is Tim Sullivan’s, I Was a Teenage Werebear, which he wrote and directed and it will make it’s New Jersey premiere this Saturday July 9th at Metuchen’s Forum Theater. If you’re a regular here you”ll remember that the Forum Theatre is where Geof from The Man Cave and I went to check out The Full Moon Pictures Roadshow and Evil Bong 3-D, and you can read the recap here. In Sullivan’s bio on IMDB, Werebear is said to capture his love for “camp and rock and roll”

Adding to the bonus sneak peek at the Chillerama short is a showing of Detroit Rock City which Sullivan was associate producer on! How did they know I am a HUGE KISS FAN as well? The 1999 film about a bunch of friends doing their damndest to get to the KISS concert at Cobo Hall in 1978. I saw the film when it hit theaters and loved it, regardless of the fact that it never made much of an impact with moviegoers.

Writer/director/producer Tim Sullivan hails from Plainfield, New Jersey, so this premiere is a homecoming for him. He’s responsible for such films as 2001 Maniacs, Driftwood, and 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams. Sullivan will also be holding Q&A sessions after the films. The event is hosted by Dread Central’s Paul Nomad.

For more info and tickets go to the official theater site: