CRUSH! A Tribute

When you used to turn my head into mush
When you used to make all the girls blush
When you were the third member of Demolition
When you kicked more ass than Men on a Mission
When you lacerated Savage’s tongue
When he put you in a rope and you hung
When it was falls count anywhere
When you felt sexy cause you used Nair
When you fought the Repo Man
When the business was so bad it made a new FCC ban
When Mr. Fuji turned you heel
When we weren’t friends anymore, what was the deal?
When you led the DOA
When I said to you, GOOD DAY!
When she said me and you should hit the hay.
When the event was over it was $50 bucks that I still had to pay?
What else do I have to say?
When you were Savage’s bodyguard
When you were in charge like Commadant Lassard
When, hold on, I have to fard
When no one said I was the Bard
When you hailed from Kona
When I refused to let you use my phona
When your printer ran out of tona
When you banged that red haired cougar named Mona