NJ T-Shirt Tuesday 97: A.C Is Always Turned On


Now that the new Atlantic City tag line is DO A.C, the old one is being relegated to t-shirts. Solid Threads, an emporium of awesomely original NJ T-Shirts, has a new Atlantic City T-Shirt for sale featuring A.C’s former tourism tag line.

Always Turned On never appealed to me. It was supposed to be edgy because of the double entendre, but didn’t sufficiently evoke the energy of the city. It was weak and fell flat. This year, A.C’s marketing brain trust came up with a new campaign, DO A.C, which is simpler and more effective. The new DO A.C commercials are enticing and I’m glad they finally formulated a memorable slogan.

I had a hard time adjusting to it at first because it seemed a little generic, but compared to it’s older and wordier predecessor it has a much better capability of going viral, such as a on bumper stickers, billboards, and t-shirts. Although I’m in favor of the new campaign, they can’t please everyone since this editorial is pissed to see the old slogan go. Would you have thought that tourism slogans meant that much to people? Apparently to Donna Andersen, they mean a lot – and I’m writing a post about it as well, so go figure.

Always Turned On is old hat (or shirt in this case), but the retro vibe of this t-shirt is enhanced with the addition of the already nostalgic slogan. It’s apparent that the tag line works best when paired with a Jersey girl sunbathing on the beach!

Check out Solid Threads new Spring clothing line in their Hoboken store or online.