NJ T-Shirt Tuesday 81: NJ Earthquake Survivor

I found this NJ Quake Survivor T-Shirt via a link fromĀ Scarlet Carson

I always thought watching the late wrestler John Tenta was the closest I’d ever come to experiencing an actual earthquake. I lived my entire life in Jersey and I’ve never felt one tremor…until today. An aftershock stemming from an earthquake near Virginia caused tremors all the way up through New York and Connecticut. For those of you who have lived through a quake, it’s scary but sort of thrilling at the same time. Thankfully, the mere 30 seconds of rumbling wasn’t life threatening, but still pretty scary for people in our state who are ill prepared for an earthquake.

Can you believe there are already NJ Earthquake t-shirts, websites, and even Twitter accounts now? People are always trying to make a quick buck, but can you blame them in this shitty economy? These NJ earthquake survivor t-shirts are funny because we all feel pretty damn proud of ourselves for making it through the tiniest aftershock, when meanwhile folks on the west coast live through tremors constantly. How about you, did you feel the earthquake today? Was it your first?

Today’s t-shirt is available at Cafe Press.