Grave Digger at Izod Center in East Rutherford


Considering the commercials for it were played during every mid-afternoon cartoon show in the ’80s, I’ve never actually attended a Monster Truck Jam. Grave Digger was created in 1981 and now there’s several Grave Digger trucks with various drivers allowing them to make appearances throughout the country at different times. Grave Digger only faces Bigfoot a few times a year, but the debate over which one is the most popular Monster Truck still rages on. Bigfoot is a few years older than Grave Digger, but Grave Digger has become synonymous with Monster Truck Jams. Monster Truck Jams come to East Rutherford and Trenton NJ annually and tickets are usually reasonable. Although Monster Truck Jams are a notch lower than WWE events, it still seems like a fun day out if you have kids who would enjoy witnessing some vehicular destruction, or for those single desperate guys who like to drool over Ms. Bigfoot! Monster Jam returns to the Izod Center on 2/4/2012.