NJ T-Shirt Tuesday 91: How I Met Your Mother


More than a year before MTV’s Jersey Shore began giving New Jersey a bad name, How I Met Your Mother was innovating the prevalent “NJ on TV” trend.

A slew of episodes mention the Garden State, but “I Heart NJ” is one of the best. It originally aired in October of 2008 and in this episode Ted’s been complaining about having to travel to New Jersey to visit his girlfriend Stella. (In the picture above, Ted’s t-shirt summarizes his thoughts about the state.) Both he and his friends hate New Jersey, well, not counting Marshall – he secretly loves it.


Marshall especially loves the “dog t-shirts” that he found at the local wholesale club. Apparently one of the show’s writers thought dog t-shirts are big in New Jersey. I can’t say I’ve ever seen anyone ever wear one of them, but the jab didn’t offend me since Jason Segel makes everything funny.

Regardless of the fact that it’s just over a few years old, “I Heart NJ” is a real classic episode. In it, the gang gets into a heated¬†debate of New York vs. New Jersey, Barney just can’t seem to get props in the form of a fist bump, and Robin finds herself pulling some Evel Knievel type stuff while racing to get her old job back. If you haven’t seen this episode and you don’t feel like waiting for the rerun,¬†How I Met Your Mother is streaming on Netflix.