Jim Norton and Rich Vos Induct Abbott and Costello Into NJ HOF

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KZZTeXQzX0?rel=0]

Today is National Tell a Joke Day. What’s weirder, the fact that our nation has actually dedicated a specific day to telling a joke or the fact that I actually know what day it falls on? Either way I thought the best way to celebrate this momentous occasion is to spotlight a couple of NJ’s best comedians. I can’t fully endorse the NJ Hall of Fame until they induct The Sexy Armpit for being the greatest New Jersey Pop Culture website of all time. Even if that never happens I can still enjoy this induction of the legendary comedy duo from Jersey, Abbott and Costello. Check out two of Jersey’s funniest comedians, Jim Norton and Rich Vos honoring their predecessors.