Joan Jett in Jersey

In honor of Joan Jett’s birthday, here are a couple of classic, pro-shot performances of hers that took place in New Jersey. The first is from 1983 in the now defunct Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ, a venue that featured concerts of so many now legendary acts. The second is from 1982 at Convention Hall in Asbury Park NJ. Thanks to the YouTube channel of karinarudzinska, we are able to see these vintage clips!

A dumptruck driving through a Nitroglycerine Plant

a few things…

School is over. F-school, F-all my classes

BON JOVI at CAA – amazing. As good as the Garden in November. They threw in some awesome songs that were unexpected. And how ’bout the shout out to WOODBRIDGE!! yeah baby.

A guy with a dumb mustache. At work the other day I literally couldn’t believe my eyes. This guy’s mustache was normal above his lip, but then on each side of his mouth it was made to look as thin as a string and it protruded out on each side of his face about 6 inches. I am not kidding! This might get lost in translation but you should have seen this douchbag. I wanted to punch him. I’m not even a violent person! What possesses people to grow dumb mustaches? I really want a reason. Especially from that ASS.

A gripe. Ever download illegally from Kazaa or Limewire? Of course you have. Here’s a funny one. How many times does a track spark your interest on there because it seems like an artist and song that you didn’t even know existed? Like Elton John singing “In Da Club” or some crap like that. I once saw C&C Music Factory doing “Rock and Roll All Night” No joke! Regardless, there are so many morons who mislabel tracks on there. Sometimes it’s awful because it will get you excited thinking it’s a rare track or something. It never is. I always see SAVE FERRIS as the artist when it’s usually another female fronted band like No Doubt. Are people living in the past? Save Ferris had ONE hit, and a minor one at that! A remake of “Come on Eileen!” Now apparently they are engraved in people’s memories. Do people think they are the only band with a female lead singer? What brings me to mentioning this is that I was listening to The Waitresses “Christmas Wrapping.” I was thinking of how their singer past away and how the surviving members could get the Save Ferris singer Monique Powell to be the new singer. Then it would prove all the little limewire fucks right. Or even better, Save Ferris could get back together and make a fucking CD of all the songs that the limewire fucks mistake for being them. SAVE FERRIS’ GREATEST HITS THAT AREN’T EVEN THEIRS BUT ARE NOW !!! Maybe even some Joan Jett, who knows?

And contrary to popular belief, Gwen Stefani is not pregnant with MY child…it is Gavin Rossdale’s – that bloke from BUSH…just to debunk the rumors…

Also, a few people have been asking me what “JAM” is…well that is all up to your wild sick perverted imaginations. And with Christmas cumming, you shouldn’t be thinking naughty thoughts because Santa won’t bring you anything!!!