Escape From New Jersey Is An Actual Thing


As I tweeted like a madman last night during the Super Bowl, I noticed a lot of people wondering how Kurt Russell got roped into cutting an intro promo for the game. Miss Sexy Armpit was curious as well. I didn’t find it to be such a stretch since Kurt Russell played badass dudes in movies like Big Trouble in Little China and Escape from New York among others. The Super Bowl producers probably thought it was appropriate for an action film icon like him to pump viewers up for the game.

Although Russell is always welcome in my book, viewers in Jersey were already excited, since the Bowl itself took place in New Jersey, not New York as the media would lead you to believe. Coincidentally, as I’m sure you’re aware, Kurt Russell played Snake Plissken in Escape From New York, and he also escaped L.A in 1996, but did you know that he was also faced with trying to Escape From New Jersey? And no, he wasn’t trying to squeeze onto a mobbed train out of Secaucus after the Super Bowl.

New Jersey Indepenedent Filmmaker Chris Notarile (You might remember us mentioning Chris here at The Sexy Armpit during the 2012 Halloween countdown for hisĀ fan-film horror prequels) created a web series/fan film that pays tribute to the Escape films and Jersey at the same time. The effects and vibe of the production is top notch and if you’re a fan of Kurt Russell and dig the Escape From… films, you will enjoy this. The first part is posted above and subsequent installments can be found at at the Blinky Productions YouTube page. There’s even a great nod to Jack Burton in Big Trouble in Little China. Well done!