Earring Discrimination

I was firing everyone up in the “office” yesterday with my Farrakhan-like rant. But it wasn’t about anything religous. It was about guys being aloud to wear earrings in the workplace. I was told that I couldn’t wear earrings to work and I think it’s bullshit. My point is that all the women are aloud to wear them. Gay guys are aloud to wear them. Somehow, I can’t get away with it.

It’s not like I wear big-ass pirate earrings or big round circles seperating my earlobes. I wear f’n normal earrings. I don’t have the top or sides of my ears pierced, only the lobes. I made a big contraversey about it. Everyone seemed to agree. But that may only be because there was fire and brimstone swirling around me as the veins bulged out of my neck and head. What would be the difference if a women felt like dressing in a man’s clothes for the day? People might talk about her, but I doubt they would tell her to never wear men’s clothes again. Bitches can get away with anything. I guess if you complain enough that you don’t have any rights then you get all the rights and then some. I can’t even wear earrings and I think that is sexist.

Regardless of looking professional it’s obvious that if a woman can wear earrings then a man should be able to as well. Earrings on a guy is not like makeup on a guy. If I came in with eyeliner and lipstick, then it would prove to be a distraction and I think it would be necessary for the bosses to tell me to shape up. But earrings? Guys have been wearing earrings for the entire time I’ve lived on the planet. (Not to mention the pirate times of course)