Jumping the Purple Turkey

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is supposed to feature Prince this year. Is this ok with everyone? I’m sure not all of you are as big a Prince fan as I am but don’t you think this is a bit odd? After he performed on American Idol last season I thought it was just a cool thing he did. Prince knocked Idol saying he hated the show and had no intention of ever being on it. Then he shows up at the last minute, performs his latest single and gets the hell off the show.

Perhaps Prince is “Jumping the Turkey” instead of the shark. Will Prince be performing on a float with a bunch of dancers dressed as Purple Pilgrims? I’m not sure that “Black Sweat” his latest track is made for the Thanksgiving morning tradition. Prince might wind up actually fucking a Turkey on the float. I’m interested in watching this because his appearance seems kinda weird unless he performs a remake of the Golden Girls theme song. We’ll see what happens in just a few short days. Typically I get bored out of my mind watching all the silly bands and other nonsense that doesn’t hold my attention. Just bring out Santa already!

I think this year they should have a float of Satan’s Little Helper and an actual Root Beer Float sponsored by A & W. That would kick ass. It could be interactive if you are lined up on the street because then it would spray random squirts of Root Beer at everyone. Once again, that’s kickass.