Point Pleasant Acrostic: 13 Reasons Why You Should’ve Watched It


Fox’s supernatural series Point Pleasant was unceremoniously cancelled a few months after it premiered in 2005. There were a few episodes that never aired and to see them you’ll have to buy the DVD collection, unless you have Chiller Network. Apparently that station has aired the series, but since Comcast sucks ass, I don’t get Chiller Network. You’ll probably think I’m giving praise to a show that doesn’t deserve it, but I’m not. If you think you would enjoy a show that’s in a similar vein of Dark Shadows, Point Pleasant offers a fine mix of the supernatural and soap opera.

Point Pleasant is extremely underrated. In the past, I’m sure you’ve heard the outcry from fans of shows like Buffy and Veronica Mars after they got cancelled, but I think Point Pleasant also deserved that kind of praise. By no means is Point Pleasant a classic, but for a TV show that never even had a chance, it captured the atmosphere of it’s genre better than many others that have tried. Take the ill fated 2010 ABC series, The Gates, for instance. I was geared up to watch it because it seemed like it was finally a chance to get a great blend of horror and soap in one show. Unfortunately, it turned out to be just another way to capitalize on the popularity of Twilight. Add in the fact that it was ridiculously boring, it was deservedly axed after one season.

13 was the unlucky number for Point Pleasant. And, in an equally eerie fashion, that’s the amount of letters in the name of the town, Point Pleasant. Coincidence? I think not! Here’s all the best stuff you missed from the show in an acrostic list:
Perilous falls, mystical powers, and eyeball torching!
Ocean Grove, NJ postcard of an old church…creepy!
Intro music by Danny Elfman, add it to your Halloween playlist!
New Jersey regional dance marathon! It’s highly likely these don’t happen anymore.
The town looks more like it’s in New England, but Point Pleasant is actually set in New Jersey.
Perplexing reversed heads!
Lots and lots of Bikinis. Elisabeth Harnois in a bikini. Sometimes even bikinis at night!
Easily Grant Show’s best performance. You may know him as Jake from Melrose Place.
Actress Dina Meyer who played Batgirl on Birds of Prey!
Scandalous skinny dipping!
Asbury Park Arcade building knockoff.
New Jersey News Report!
Taking BLOOD showers!