Ode to Mallory

family ties,justine bateman,poem,'80s,television,mallory keaton,love,skippy handleman
I was just a small boy
when I dropped my toy
and glued my eyes
to your show Family Ties
But madness came over me
when I realized we would never be
you were just an airhead
but I so badly wanted to take you to bed
so what if I was only 4
Still with Nick Moore?
damn, that shit’s poor!
Oh my darling Mallory
you’re sweeter than a calorie
and such a little flirt
I just want to eat you for dessert
and stare at your chest when it’s nippy
Oh baby I’m so much cooler than Skippy
I fantasize about making you moan
’till then I’ll sit and wait by the phone
for maybe one day you’ll call
and if you do, I’ll buy you some clothes at the mall
You and I should stop with this fuss
because what would we do baby…without us?