MOVE Bitch, Get Out the Gym!

Today I was working out at the gym on my break and close by was a middle aged woman lifting some heavy free weights. She was a very masculine woman and she was really going at it with the weights. She was also curling a straight bar with like 100 lbs. on it. I noticed that she had her mp3 player on and earbuds in her ears. She was singing to each rap song that came on. What really brought her to my attention was when she was rapping “Move BITCH get out tha way!” along with Ludacris while grunting and pushing dumbells up and down. I found this to be quite amusing.

It helped me realize just how much I hate when people sing along (out loud) to whatever is playing through their mp3 player. I so want to tell them to shut their traps. At least this lady was occupying herself while singing. It’s even worse when people are just wandering around a store or a college singing or rapping along for no reason. Listen to the music and keep the singing in your head!

Back to this lady. She also made me realize just how insanely annoying it is when people are working out and they make these grunting and sighing noises. Some people have their very own patented sound that they make. One guy I knew always used his trademark “sssss” sound everytime he put a weight up, no matter how much the weight was! It could have been 4 lbs. and the guy was like “SSSSSSSS.” Does this help them get the job done? Does grunting make it easier? Why is everyone so fucking dramatic? Maybe they are showing off? Occasionally if your doing alot of weight I know that our bodies force out some noises but these people with all their various grunts, sighs, and snake sounds are completely obnoxious. It sounds like their hurling. Come to think of it, I’d probably rather hear the manly, middle aged woman rap along with Ludacris.